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Our Courses

World Classes Courses in Music Production and Audio Engineering Affiliated and Certified World Class Recording Studio "Engine Room Audio" (USA)

We are offering in-depth courses with hands on experience in a Commercial Recording Studio. Students will be taught the theory + practical knowledge of Producing Music and Audio Engineering.

Students will have the option of choosing modules :

Sound Theory

Building a solid foundation about your knowledge of Sound & Audio. In this module, we dive into the physics of sound and understand how that knowledge can help you become a better producer and engineer.

Music Production

Students can choose a DAW (Recording/Production Software) out of 3 choices : Logic Pro, Ableton and Pro Tools. This module will give the students enough chances to observe their teachers produce songs from various genres from scratch and lean the tricks of the trade. Plus they will get enough hands on experience during their lessons and get a feel for the process first hand. They will be given assignments that they can do at home and get more practice. There is no better way than to learn by doing. Students will also have the opportunity to attend workshops conducted by industry professionals.

Microphones & Microphone Placement

In the digital world we live in today, people are losing the knowledge and the will to deal with real microphones. To be a great and successful audio engineer and music producer, it is necessary to have complete knowledge about all aspects of this field. A very important part of this is knowing about the different types of microphones and learning the best way to place them. We will make sure that you get enough exposure to world class industry standard microphones. This will increase your knowledge base about them and how various different placement techniques can get you different sounds. Learn how to create your own sound instead of using pre-recorded samples. Students will get the chance to record multiple instruments and vocals and try out various techniques.

Post Production

With your DAW of choice, learn the art of post production. The greatest records in the world are shaped and designed during the post production stage. Here you will learn editing, mixing, automation and will touch upon mastering as well. Learn all about using audio plugins and get to try the leading industry standard plugins and learn what they can do and how you can use them to achieve your vision.